Let’s Do Lunch and a ‘Going Solo’ Talkback!

Let’s Do Lunch!

Join us this Friday for an illuminating Dance Break Talkback with the dancers and choreographers of Going Solo

Friday, Nov. 13th @ 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm CST

Grab your lunch and take a break from your day with American Midwest Ballet. In our first Going Solo talkback session, we answer your questions and share what we’ve learned about creating dance in 2020.

We’ll be taking a behind-the-scenes look at our first three Going Solo pieces with our special guests:

      • Erika Overturff – Artistic Director
      • Lance Glenn – Filmmaker
      • Matthew Lovegood – AMB Ballet Master; choreographer and dancer in Rendezvous
      • Claire Goodwillie – Choreographer of Pithos
      • Kelanie Murphy – Choreographer and dancer in The Sun Rises Inside

Meet the artists: Clockwise from top left, Matthew Carter; Lance Glenn and Claire Goodwillie; Kelanie Murphy; and Erika Overturff.

Topics include inspirations, filming dance, and the challenges and victories along the way.

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions and comments about Going Solo through social media and email! If you have something you’d like to discuss during our first talkback, email your question to goingsolo@amballet.org.