Touring Programs

This highlight video showcases the variety of works performed by American Midwest Ballet.

Inspiration. Beauty. Athleticism. Energy. American Midwest Ballet [AMB] creates work beyond words that captivates, enriches and entertains audiences of every age and experience level. We channel the expressive range and emotional power of dance to create an exhilarating theater experience that anyone can appreciate.


AMB’s collection of dazzling full-length ballets includes our own beautifully-crafted, fast- paced versions of the 19th-century classics Swan Lake and Giselle, as well as unique original productions including our award-winning The Wizard of Oz. Filled with memorable characters, dramatic performances, and visually stunning sets and costumes, these productions will make an unforgettable impression on your audience.


Our distinctive version of the beloved holiday classic The Nutcracker is fresh, lively, and thoroughly entertaining, with spectacular classical dancing and beautiful settings that help make it a family favorite. Careful attention to story-telling helps assure that even the youngest dancegoer will be eager to follow along with our young heroine, Clara, on her enchanting adventures.


For flexible programming, we offer Momentum, a mixed repertory presentation of dazzling short ballets that can be selected to meet your facility needs and audience interests. Momentum draws on works by our own artistic staff as well as a roster of acclaimed guest choreographers including Frank Chaves, Monique Haley, Harrison McEldowney, Mariana Oliveira, and Ann Reinking.


For your community engagement needs, AMB can work with you to create a package of services that may include student matinee performances, workshop classes, and programs for young dancers in your community.


Ready to bring the excitement of work beyond words to your community? Just choose the program type that interests you, then contact us for more information.


Program types available for touring depend on time of year. Availability of specific works depends on active repertory.

MomentumOctober – May
The NutcrackerNovember – December
Full-Length BalletsApril – May

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