Get the Inside Story

The life of a professional ballet dancer is nothing like what you may have seen in the movies. Sometimes it’s crazy… sometimes it’s quirky… but it’s always worth a look! In this series, videos (most made by the dancers themselves) give you a peek into interesting nooks and crannies of their professional lives.

Step into the Ballerina’s Kitchen!

Alexandra Hoffman is familiar to AMB dancegoers. Away from the stage, she shows just as much artistry in the kitchen! Alexandra shows how she creates a Thai summer stir fry that’s just as tasty for fall, winter, or spring! As she works, she tells us how she got started with her culinary avocation.

Welcome to the Dancer House!

Four AMB dancers share a house: the Dancer House! Here they show you how they’ve managed to create a routine for keeping in shape and polishing their craft, even when they’re not able to go to the studio.

What’s In the Bag, Claire?

AMB founding company member Claire Goodwillie admits it: When it comes to what’s in her dance bag, she’s a pack rat. Watch as Claire pulls out and extemporaneously explains all the expected – and unexpected – items she takes to work.

Kogan’s Inside Scoop on Pointe Shoes

Pointe work (dancing on the ends of the toes) is one of the most recognizable features of ballet technique. Dancers wear special shoes to do pointe work, and everyone preps them slightly differently. Company dancer Kogan Murphy (with a little help from her dog, Winnie) shows how she gets her pointe shoes ready to use… and what she can do with them!