Going Solo

Challenge is opportunity.

The Going Solo series is our latest – and perhaps most adventurous – move in our ongoing commitment to find innovative ways to share the magic of dance with our community.

In this groundbreaking series, we challenge American Midwest Ballet company artists to create solo dance works that reflect their personal visions, ranging from original responses to this unique period in time to the exploration of existing works that challenge their growth as artists. The company provides studio work space and mentorship for our artists.

Then, documentary filmmaker Lance Glenn produces videos of selected works, combining behind-the-scenes insights with a unique visual interpretation of the finished performance.

As each work is complete, we’ll be premiering it right here and on our social media channels. Organize an online watch party now, and start getting ready for the premiere of the Going Solo series!

Order in the Chaos
Choreographer: Seneca Montgomery
Performer: Anna Swenson
Filmmaker: Lance Glenn
Premiere: November 20, 2020 – 7 pm

Graceful yet intense, Order in the Chaos embodies the quest to come to terms with a tumultuous world. Guest choreographer Seneca Montgomery and AMB company artist Anna Swenson collaborated to create this piece as a way of dealing with current circumstances. “You want to escape,” says Anna. “You want to be free of everything that’s happening, but this is the world that we’re in and these are the things we have to deal with.” Seneca says, “It’s trying to find your order in this chaos.”

The Sun Rises Inside
Choreographer: Kelanie Murphy
Performers: Alexandra Hoffman, Kelanie Murphy, Kogan Murphy, Katerina Schweitzer
Filmmaker: Lance Glenn
Premiere: November 6, 2020 – 7 pm

The sun is warm, the air is mild, and a gentle breeze rustles the leaves. It’s a beautiful day for a walk in the woods… a feeling choreographer Kelanie Murphy sets out to capture in her Going Solo work, “The Sun Rises Inside.” She worked closely with filmmaker Lance Glenn to create dance choreography that takes full advantage of the film medium, with four individual dancers’ performances united through cinematic techniques.

Choreographer: Claire Goodwillie
Performer: Alyssa Grimsley
Filmmaker: Lance Glenn
Premiere: October 23, 2020 – 7 pm

The box seems so small… so delicate. Surely there could be no harm in opening it…? This fateful moment of decision in a young woman’s life has come down to us through almost 3,000 years of poetic history as the story of Pandora’s Box. Choreographer Claire Goodwillie has chosen it as the basis for her “Going Solo” work, a short storytelling ballet in the classical style, danced by Alyssa Grimsley.

Choreographer/Performer: Matthew Lovegood
Filmmaker: Lance Glenn
Premiere: October 9, 2020 – 7 pm

The bar is empty and so is your glass. Give up and go home, or give the evening one more chance? Choreographer/performer Matthew Lovegood’s wry, jazzy style and Lance Glenn’s dynamic direction take full advantage of the vintage-contemporary vibe of the filming location: the McCormick’s 1894 event space at the Hoff Family Arts & Culture Center.

It Starts with a Step
Filmmaker: Lance Glenn
Premiere: October 2, 2020 – 7 pm

In 2009, dancers of the Omaha Theater Ballet were called into a meeting and told the company was being disbanded and their jobs eliminated. The future of professional dance in Nebraska seemed very much in doubt. But dancers of the company came together, made their own plans, and — less than a year later — staged the debut performance of the company that became today’s American Midwest Ballet.

Documentary filmmaker Lance Glenn had unique backstage access to the entire process, blending it with insightful interviews to tell the inspiring story of artists who refused to give up.

Remembering Swing! – Featurette for It Starts with a Step
Filmmaker: Lance Glenn
Premiere: September 23, 2020

On October 2, 2010, the brand-new ballet company that would become today’s American Midwest Ballet took the stage for the first time ever at Omaha’s Orpheum Theater, in Harrison McEldowney’s exhilarating Swing, Swing, Swing! In this featurette, cast members look back on the uncertainty and excitement that led up to that memorable evening.

Trailer – It Starts with a Step 10-Year Anniversary
Filmmaker: Lance Glenn
Premiere: September 16, 2020

React. Respond. Be part of the program.

With each new episode, you’ll be invited to send in your reactions, comments, and questions. We’ll collect them and respond in periodic online talkback sessions, featuring artist interviews and additional insights. Email your questions and comments to goingsolo@amballet.org

“The public health situation is a challenge for everyone. We’re turning it into an opportunity for our dancers to showcase their creativity and individuality, and for our viewers to experience dance in an exciting new way.”

– Erika Overturff, artistic director

Going Solo is the centerpiece of AMB Interactive – our new online platform for bringing the beauty, athleticism and energy of dance to you wherever you are! This curated collection of dance-at-home classes, original online programming, and education resources is provided free of charge as part of our commitment to share the magic of dance with our community.

Get ready to go solo with us!