Health & Safety Protocols

Health & Safety Protocols

AMB is committed to creating a safe and healthy training environment for our students, staff and families. Our health & safety protocols are created with the advice of medical professionals and other ballet schools across our nation, and may change based on a number of factors. This page is only a summary of our protocols; for more complete information, please download the protocols document.

AMB School will not consider in-person classes until the positivity rate is 5% or less in our area. Virtual class models may be utilized when deemed necessary. Failure to comply with safety protocols may be grounds for dismissal from the program.

Reminder: Any public location where people are present provides an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19, and we cannot guarantee that you will not be exposed during your visit.

Form with Screening questions

This form must be filled out each day prior to attending any AMB activities. Follow the instructions on the form to either proceed to the building or stay home. Contact if instructed to stay home.

Students who expect to arrive during daytime hours (9 am – 4 pm) must submit the screening form by 8 am the same day. Students expecting to arrive in the late afternoon or evening must submit the screening form by 3 pm the same day.

face coverings

Everyone must wear a mask covering nose and mouth at all times within the building, even when dancing. Neck gaiters and vented masks are not acceptable forms of mask. Do not touch the front of your mask. Several options for dance are available such as Bloch B-Safe and Underarmour. Following Centers for Disease Control [CDC] guidelines, we recommend double-masking (disposable medical mask with a cloth mask over it.)

Students must bring multiple masks to change throughout the day as moisture from breathing and perspiring affects the effectiveness of the mask. Clean extra masks should be kept in a separate bag in their dance bag to minimize contamination.

Note: Dancing with a mask will take time to adjust to. If a student feels out of breath, we will ask the student to sit in their designated barre space and take a break.


Students should arrive for class no more than 10 minutes before class start time. Class times are staggered to limit cross-over between classes.

On arrival, students will go directly to their assigned waiting seats. Please consult the protocols document for detailed instructions.

AMB staff will take temperatures and make sure all students have submitted their daily form. Access to the studio will be granted based on results of the daily form and temperatures.

Drop-off and pick-up protocols

Students age 11 and under:
Parents/guardians may drop off and pick up their child. Parents/guardians dropping off must wear a mask, maintain at least 6 feet of social distance, stay to the right, and exit the building through the main door after their child is in their waiting seat.

Students age 12 and up:
Parents/guardians should wait in the car until their child has been admitted into the building. Parents/guardians may choose to walk their child to the door. Once parents/guardians see their child enter, they must wait a few minutes before driving away. Students may text parents/guardians once they are checked in. Parents/guardians who are waiting outside the exit door to drop off or pick up students must wear masks for the protection of others entering or leaving the building.

Social distancing

There will be no physical correction given in class and no physical contact between students. Physical distance requirements between individuals: studios, 12 feet; all other areas (waiting areas, hallways, etc.), 6 feet.

Limited Class Sizes

Enrollment will be limited based on the maximum number of students that can safely occupy the assigned studio. Some classes will have 2 sections of students, with one section virtual and one section in the studio. All students will be given a minimum space of 12 ft x 12 ft in their assigned studio

Designated student spaces
  • Students should arrive in their dance clothes under street clothes, with masks on, making sure not to wear dance shoes outside. Limit items to the necessities (pre-filled water bottles, hand sanitizer, pointe shoes, etc.). 
  • Students will go to their assigned waiting seat to put on dance shoes and gather all items. Front desk and AMB staff will assist with assignments.
  • Once the teacher invites students into the studio, students must use hand sanitizer and bring all belongings to their assigned dance space (including coats and street shoes). 
  • Dressing rooms and lockers will not be accessible
  • Restrooms are reserved for emergencies only. To use the restroom in an emergency, the student must wait for the teacher to open the classroom door, use hand sanitizer, proceed to use the student restroom, wash their hands well, and wait for the teacher to open the studio door to return to class. 

Studios are clearly marked in tape to delineate individual dance spaces (for barre and center work). Teachers will direct students to their assigned dance space at the beginning of each class.

personal protection

Students must bring their own hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol; face masks (double-masking strongly recommended); and pre-filled water bottles (water fountains will be closed).

Faculty and staff will clean/disinfect studio spaces between classes, as well as numbered waiting seats.

Supplementary supplies such as hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and masks are available.

Air purifiers have been installed in all studios.

Building pathways and exit locations

Consult the protocols document for maps showing pathways and pick-up areas.

  • Follow signs for correct pathways to studios. 
  • Stay to the right hand side for entrance and exit, avoid using handrails if possible, and maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet.
  • At the end of class, students should gather belongings and wait for the teacher to open the door before proceeding to their pick-up spot. Observe physical distancing of 6 ft on your way out of the building and while waiting to be picked up. 
  • Students must be picked up at the designated pick-up location within the 10 minutes following their class to avoid cross-over of students.
What to do if your student has symptoms of illness

Consult the COVID-19 Decision Tree in the protocols document to decide what action is needed. If in doubt, consult a medical professional.

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